Viva Wireless is a company that understands its vision, goals and standards so well that its values are obvious, and its behaviors are automatically an outcome of the beliefs that have been instilled in each associate. Viva Wireless and its management team strives to build a Dynamic Organization that is customer focused, has respect for associates, demonstrates pride and empowers its’ associate to act ethically and in the best interest of the customer and company.  In this dynamic company associates and leaders alike are expected to:

  • Relentlessly and zealously direct their efforts toward gaining, retaining, and serving customers.
  • Front-line associates operate close to customers and free from distractions of running the business.
  • Passionately display and continuously promote the vision, values, and standards of conduct and achievements of a winning organization.
  • Lead through inspiration, not by regulation, and ensure that others do likewise.
  • Take on the customer’s perspective, so as to visualize the ideal customer experience and produce it consistently.

Viva Wireless is a goal driven organization rather than task orientated.  It is the goal of Viva Wireless to promote the business model which is built on the premise that effective leadership, supported by vigorous training; will produce associate satisfaction.  Satisfied associates will strive to produce customer satisfaction, which will produce productive growth.  When customer satisfaction is achieved, Viva Wireless can build customer loyalty and drive a dynamic organization.
Viva Wireless provides a challenging, safe, and rewarding experience for its associates.  The customer’s experience with the company is truly more important than the product provided.  Viva Wireless will continue to build its strategy around increasing customer satisfaction by driving an organization that believes in the vision, goals, and values so much that the outcome is indicative of the company’s efforts.  Remaining customer focused and finding innovative ways to exceed customer expectations, differentiate Viva Wireless from the competition.